Garden Gems Greenhouse

...turning over a new leaf!
Product Selection
What do we have?
Garden Gems offers a wide selection of annuals and a few, select perennials. Onion sets and sweet potato plants are available in March and May. Fresh vegetable seed is offered beginning in mid-April which includes many popular varieties of sweet corn and green beans.

Cold crops of broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage plants are ready in mid-March. Over 25, (yes 25!) varieties of tomato plants, both heirloom and hybrid, are grown at Garden Gems as well as over 10 varieties of pepper plants, both sweet and hot.

With the hot, dry, humid summers that we experience here in the Midwest, finding plants that will perform well here is a challange. New plants are released each year, many of which find their way into the product selection as new varieties. Only those that Donna has found to be fantastic performers are grown a second season. Standard annuals that Grandma grew are always found at Garden Gems, too.

Hardy mums will be available in the fall. Look for them in October at Sinclair's and the Craft Fair.

For the busy gardener, a wide selection of potted containers and hanging baskets are offered each year. Garden Gems is known for their beautiful Geranium and 'Wave' Petunia hanging baskets and they are always a hit for Mother's Day. Patio containers , a/k/a Dutch Gardens, are available in many different combinations where you are sure to find one made just for you or someone special. And, we have the most beautiful, locally grown Fall mums in the area.