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                                                            2014 Spring Activities

   NEW CLASS: We will be offering a Fairy / Fantasy Garden Class again this spring. Date(s) are to be determined as of yet so watch our Facebook page for updates! These small gardens are great for young, new gardeners as well as veteran gardeners that cannot get out in the yard like they used to! There will be a selection of Fairy Gardens available for Professional Administrator's Day and Mother's Day, but quantities will be limited! Pre-books are encouraged.

   PETUNIA BALL CLASSES: Dates to be determined. Watch to Shopper and Facebook page!

   CUSTOM CONTAINERS: Bring us your containers, give us your wish list,a ballpark price and let us create your very own custom look. We begin putting them together in mid-April thru the end of May when the plant choices are in prime planting stages. Be unique!

     FRESH GARDEN SEED: I will once again stock fresh garden seed in a few select varieties of sweet corn and green beans plus a few other standard vegetables.

Plan on stopping in soon to visit us. Check out Steve's hydroponic garden, too, while you're there! This is the 2nd year that we've tried this method of growing, and it's quite interesting. We're still learning, too!

Onion sets will be in the first week of March. Pre-booking Sweet Potato plants for May delivery.